GCSE Workshops

We are sure many of you are concerned at the news that all public examinations have been cancelled.  Please find comfort in knowing that you are not alone, every single candidate who was planning on sitting any public examination this year is in the exact same position.


Read our latest blog "No GCSEs...now what?" for some ideas how to support learning at home for GCSE candidates.



Below are the some GCSE Workshops we are able to offer online.

Spanish GCSE Online Course

Our Spanish specialist has created a 25-lesson online course designed to ensure that candidates finish the GCSE Spanish specification.  The sessions will be delivered either through Zoom or Skype and will last one hour.  We will cap the number of pupils in one session to 4 so all learners can get the most out of the workshops.  Since the course will be taking place online we will find a time which suits all those who have signed up, likewise, we can do as many lessons per week as you desire until the course is complete.  The joy of working online is that there is huge flexibility!  This course is ideal for pupils who are considering Spanish for A Level or those who genuinely want to complete the GCSE syllabus. It is suitable for all exam boards across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  This is the perfect opportunity for young learners to be supported by a professional expert during the school closures, additionally it will also provide some respite from working independently by having the platform to engage with other learners.  If the prospect of learning "virtually" with strangers is daunting, we are happy for you to come as a "learning cohort" of at least 3.  We want to support as many learners as possible during this really challenging time and so are offering the 25 lessons at £10 per pupil per session which can either be paid up front or "as you go".

Email us directly at aspire.ed.ni@outlook.com to book your sessions.

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